• Same sex wedding photographer New York

    Same sex wedding photographer New York
    Same sex wedding photographer New York

    When 2 people decide to join their lives in marriage it is because the feeling that emerges in them is sincere and they have no doubt that each one is the person desired to share the rest of their lives.

    In earlier times, society witnessed the love existing in two people of the same sex due to the taboo that it represents before it, but this changing world with the passage of time is already more accepted by many than two men or two women can say yes definitive before a civilian leadership and even before some religious institutions because they consider that when love is pure and sincere, race, color or sex do not matter.

    Artview Studios, a photography and video company committed to your audience without any exclusion is willing to deliver excellent photographic projects through the best captures that immortalize that special day so you can relive it whenever you want and with whoever you want.

    We will be present and we will be that window so that you can express with total freedom your feelings of love towards that chosen person to accompany you in joy, sadness, health and illness. We have been fortunate to photograph same-sex weddings over the years, including a gay wedding in New York that is one of our favorite wedding adventures of all time. 

    Some of our same-sex couples have had legal ceremonies; others have had civil ceremonies; others have simply married on their own terms and celebrated in their own way. Whenever real love manifests itself in two people, we are honored to be the chosen ones to show the world how that looks.

    We have special packages at the best prices to take you a great memory of the day that will change your life forever, with sessions before, during and after the wedding, exclusive advice because we have unlimited creativity so you have a different and exclusive event for you .

    HD videos, which recorded the most exciting moments of the event that remember them will undoubtedly transport you to the day and the place. 

    We have a variety of photographic and video services for our clients, among them, Baptisms, Fifteen Years, Family, Anniversaries, Man Woman Weddings, and much more. Browse our homepage view our quotes and live the best experience with the great family that characterizes us, contact us through our phone line, social networks, contact form and online chat choose the one you want.

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