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    Sweet Sixteen Photography in New York
    Sweet Sixteen Photography in New York

    The arrival of 15 years for girls means change, transformation, a before and after in their lives, since from ancient times has meant the passage from girl to girl 
    . So much so that when that date arrived they were presented to marry them since they were apt to form a family.

    Fortunately, at present, it is not interpreted in that way, although it is true that there is a change, we refer to the fact that the girl can make decisions with duties and rights that they do not have before. For many this date is a dream come true that they crave practically from the age of 10, since they imagine with a celebration, a beautiful dress and a dance can be several in reality but the most popular one is undoubtedly the famous waltz that will undoubtedly present to the young woman before her friends, her family and society in general.

    It can be a celebration of the size that fits the economy of parents, from a simple party to a large party, the important thing is not to overlook this important date and keep it in the memory of both society and in the of the protagonist herself.

    For this purpose the logical thing is to capture the most interesting moments of the day with photographs and videos that record and spontaneously and naturally document all the feelings expressed during the event to such an extent that after some time after the party and people look at them again move to that moment as if you were living again that beautiful moment.

    For this, a professional photographer is required to do this work because he is the one trained to obtain such purposes by applying different techniques thanks to the knowledge and experience they possess. Artview Studios, has a team of certified experts with a long history in the photographic world, with high-tech equipment fused with the best techniques and unlimited creativity to achieve
    amazing images that go beyond generations.

    We offer sessions before, during and after the event, we provide the necessary advice so that the celebration is exclusive as we also have experience in logistics and event organization. We know how to capture the perfect moment, because previously we took the time to get to know the girl and thus, according to her way of being, obtain her best image.
    We also offer photographic services in WeddingsBaptismsAnniversariesBachelor PartiesCorporate and much more at the best price.

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